SuperMeow (SMW) ASA ID#639001259
You can Swap on Tinyman or
SuperMeow was, created to be part of the Algorand ecosystem. 

SuperMeow RoadMap  2023
Add Liquidity

LP tokens

NFT Series


Use SuperMeow NFT sellings to Provide liquidity to the token so it can bring confidence and stability to the market. Encourage buyers to create pools or Token locks.

Get a balance of at least 10,000 ALGOs to participate in governance.

A collection of original Superheroes to help SuperMeow token on his liquidity are available.
The first SuperMeow series is complete with 100 NFTs. The new heroes available is CatGirl and SuperWoof other will follow.

Social Media creation  (SuperMeow Discord channel).

Web App to bring some use to the Token.
SuperMeow with the power of equality
SuperWoof with the power of environment protector
CatGirl with the power of inclusion
SuperOink with the power of friendship
SuperWhiner Anti Hero
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